Thursday, June 27, 2013

Help Run This Faucet With Donations

Current Awaiting Payees: 16
Total Paid Payments: 10
Last Update: 6/13/13 

Hello All,
This Is A Free Cryto-Currency Website! It's Quite Simple Really. Any Available Funds On This Website Are On A First Come First Serve Basis. Just Fill In The Blanks And Your Free Cryptocoins Will Be Sent Between 24 Hours, and at some times could take longer, if the Pool Has Stock

Payments Are Made Manually To The Receivers, As Well As Updates In The Currency Amounts In Pools. Limit Each One Per 24 Hours.

If You See $0.0 Currency In The Currency Pools
Please Still Fill Out Your Information And You Will Be Processed When The Funds Arrive There! 

Hope You Enjoy htkfaucets!!!

Thank You To Any And All Supporters!
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